A Frenchman Cometh

A trains-pas-comme-autres-thailande.jpg

Back in June of this year we welcomed Philippe Gougler presenter of the French tv train journey documentary series, Des trains pas comme les autres, to our new home in Battery Gardens. 

Philippe was very keen to see how our museum is progressing and to also learn how we preserve and present our poo specimens.

A NEW TRAIN IMG_4818.jpg

After arriving on the Island, Gougler began the short journey to see us by hopping aboard a carriage of one of two former London Underground electric trains which operates from Ryde Pier Head and connects the east and south of the Isle of Wight. This unique and regular train service (which passes through the towns of Ryde, Brading, Sandown, Lake and Shanklin) is synonymous with the Island, and once aboard one soon finds out these trains have the ability to shake the change right out of ones pockets as it rocks and rolls through the Island’s picturesque landscape.


Stepping onto the platform at Sandown Station, hopefully with his change still in his pockets, Philippe then made his way to Yaverland at the far eastern end of Sandown bay, where he climbed to the top of Culver Down in order to meet up with our very own museum directors, Ian Boyd and Daniel Roberts. 

A SNIFF IMG_0141.jpg

Ian and Dan were on poo safari at the time, and when Philippe stumbled upon them, the intrepid pair were down amongst the grasses and wild flowers with their noses firmly in a badger latrine! Daniel wasted no time in scooping up a fresh badger poo and presenting it to Philippe in order that he could have a good o’l sniff!

This particular episode of Des trains par comme les autres featuring The National Poo Museum, was aired on French national television just a few weeks ago. One doesn’t need to be fluent in French to see that Philippe really enjoyed his time travelling around Britain meeting all sorts of folks along the way. It is also evident he had great fun coming to the Isle of Wight to learn more about our museum and the new and exciting plans we have to make it bigger and better than ever. 

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According to Monsieur Gougler, we are bonkers…but with a touch of class. We can certainly live with that!

You can watch the program here in its entirety - we plop up at minute 28.

Nicola Winsland