Presenting...Our All New Super-Loo!


After months of restoration work we are proud to announce The National Poo Museum’s “Super-Loo” is now open for business (as it were!)

Situated right next to our museum building, this particular convenience closed to the public in 2011, and sadly during the intervening years it fell into a state of disrepair. 


It was always our mission to restore and reopen this facility and to make it accessible to everyone.


However, in true poo museum style we were determined to make our loo a toilet experience to remember!

On a breezy Saturday afternoon at the end of last month, we opened our “Super-Loo” with a splash! Folks from the local community joined us for a cutting of the ribbon celebration…


and before we knew it, there was once again a queue for the loo in Battery Gardens!

A QUE IMG_0744.jpg

We’d just like to thank the lovely folks who’ve already used and enjoyed our “Super-Loo” for the lovely messages they’ve posted in our ideas and suggestions box. According to one grateful visitor, “it’s like stepping into Narnia”

A PAN LOO IMG_0771.jpg

Nicola Winsland